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Built to the highest standards, Matterhorn’s selection of men’s boots offers a variety of safety features including met guards and puncture resistance for the performance and protection you need.

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Men's Footwear: Matterhorn

Although men keep their dressings to a minimal at work, there are endless options regarding men's work footwear. That said, the shoes shall be selected based on the outfit, supporting the prevailing conditions.


The Carolina Shoes present numerous options for Matterhorn shoes for men. The Matterhorn series has over 20 footwear options, all classy and superior to the rest.

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The cheapest Matterhorn sells at $91.57, whereas the most expensive one is for $387.99. They come in brown and black.


The Matterhorn Banksman Steel Toe has a class of its own. Other popular ones are Matterhorn I-Bean Carbon Comp Toe, Matterhorn Arc Logger Comp Toe, Matterhorn Corvus Comp Toe, Matterhorn Maximus, Matterhorn Maximus 2.0 Logger and others. The most affordable ones are Matterhorn Conveyor Int Met, Matterhorn Pitman Comp Toe, and Matterhorn Mud Jumper MetGuard Steel Toe, selling for $137.99.


There are also Matterhorn Boot socks available and in stock in Carolina. So try them out without fail, gift your close ones, and enjoy the happy smiles on their faces.