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You will no doubt find varieties of products for your every need at Carolina products. We sell all kinds of footwear and clothing accessories as well. Let's have a look at some of the items that we manufacture.

Premium Leather Care Cream:

If you want your boots to last long and keep them shiny, this leather cream is your leather boots' best friend. They will give your shoes a new finish each time they look worn out and dried. It increases the life of the boots. The cream is safe to use on all types of leather. Bring home this cream and give it a new life to your precious boots.

Aeroglide 7 Footbed:

They are a comfort-giving product used in most of our manufactured boots. They have excellent curve support, keeping your feet comfortable all day. Comes with a heel cup for all-day comfort.

Grey Boot Socks:

These Matterhorn Grey Work Socks are all you need when you go out for work. However, when the day is long, you need a good pair of socks to protect your feet. These socks come with yellow toes & heels. They have a length of a boot. These are breathable, give your feet room to breathe, and do not store moisture. They are soft and cushioned and provide satisfactory results when wearing them.


Carolina boots come with water-resistant and shock-resistant qualities. Each is crafted gracefully by professionals by keeping in mind the sole purpose of these boots, which is to bring comfort to those who wear them. They have a steel toe that helps protect the boot from any damage and your feet safe. The thick soles of these boots keep your feet steady and provide an excellent grip while walking or even running. They are crafted with refined copper crazy horse leather for a product to last long.

Women's Insulated Elm:

These boots are designed with the best leather Carolina boots, which gives them an attractive look. The boots are waterproof and keep the feet dry regardless of your work hours. 60p Grams of Thinsulate™ Insulation have been used. Their insoles are cushioned and removable, providing you with all-day comfort. They are not slippery and are convenient to walk on any landscape without the fear of falling. They are shock resistant as well and keep you away from any harm. These boots are the preferred choice among the buyers.