About Carolina

At Carolina, our only goal is to provide working people with footwear that is 100% effective. We understand the differences in job requirements. So we design and build footwear to accommodate those differences, using industry-specific designs and sophisticated construction techniques to combine carefully chosen materials with state-of-the-art, patented technologies.

We are proud of our reputation for unmatched comfort, flawless performance and remarkable durability. But none of that means anything to you if your boots aren't right. So we also provide information that enables you to choose footwear intelligently, like the charts on our website and the well-trained salespeople in our Authorized Retailers. Carolina — built for your work.

About Matterhorn Footwear

Matterhorn boots have been protecting and serving miners worldwide for decades, designing safe, innovative products for the coal, precious metal, mineral, oil and gas industries.

Matterhorn is aware of the enormous demand for comfort and reliability in the professional industry. Matterhorn continues to offer footwear to meet and exceed safety requirements while keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. High-performance components and technology is used in every pair of Matterhorn boots. Matterhorn's patented technologies and constructions are proven to extend the life of your boots. Whether you're a professional of the Mining Industry, Military, Law Enforcement, EMS or Homeland Security; Matterhorn is ready with a boot designed for the task. You will be impressed with the quality Matterhorn is known for.

About Corcoran Footwear

Corcoran has been building premium, handcrafted tactical and professional footwear of the utmost quality for over sixty years. From the deepest, dirtiest coal mines, jumping out of airplanes, to a police chase on foot, Corcoran has been there providing the reliable support and comfort to get through those tough tasks every time. From famous battles like Normandy to the tumultuous times in the Middle East, Corcoran boots have been protecting and preserving soldiers’ feet in the most adverse of social and physical conditions.

With its headquarters in the family-oriented town of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, Corcoran produces durable, practical boots for the American people by American people. We take pride in the fact that the best boots available are carefully crafted by Corcoran, firmly entrenched on American soil. Corcoran is proud to provide footwear that keeps our troops prepared and equipped for the job. Today we’re even more proud, and thankful that these same troops come home safely in our boots.