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The agility of a sneaker with the performance of a work boot. These durable, lightweight women's shoes are Built for Work™- crafted for superior comfort, flexibility and protection.

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Carolina offers a wide variety of work footwear for women, including the Lytning 1.9 series. It is one of the most loved products on the site and offers an incredible user experience.


The series offers shoes of ultra-superior quality with flexible outsole. It is lightweight, offers slip resistance, and is crafted with industry standards. It is perfect for women working primarily standing or running around. The women's series has four different shoes.

The most popular one is Azalea Comp Toe. It is an athletic work sneaker suitable for light-duty jobs. It has the agility of a sneaker paired with the protection of a boot. It is also orthotic, which prevents joint and muscle fatigue and backaches, providing proper alignment while standing.