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Proper support from the ground up. Our Align™ Technology is an innovative ergonomically designed orthotic that helps place the foot in a more optimum position to assist with proper alignment, which can help reduce fatigue and strain on muscles and joints.

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Looking for some of the best women's shoes with built-in alignment features? You are in the right spot! The Carolina website offers a selection of women's shoes with our alignment technology.


There is always a need for proper alignment in footwear. Having alignment in your shoes helps reduce neck and shoulder strain, muscle and joint fatigue, and knee and hip pain. The appropriate Align technology would surely help anyone who is on their feet.

Align Azalea:

The Align Azalea is one of the best purchases you might find on our website. Made with grey textiles, synthetic leather, and a mesh lining. It is made of subtle colors and is quite an extraordinary pair of shoes. It features an oil and slip-resistant outsole. You can also find a green Azalea Comp toe in our popular green color.


Talux could be one of your best decisions. It is made of black quarry leather and has a mesh lining. It is available in various sizes, from 6 to 11. One of our most popular work clogs, feel supported all day long with the Align Talux.

Azalea Comp Toe:

Azalea Comp toe, is an excellent choice for anyone looking for support and stability in a lightweight, flexible shoe. It is also available in different styles and colors. You can check all these on Carolina's website and shop your favorites. The best part is that most items are available in various sizes. Hence, you will undoubtedly find your perfect pair of Align footwear.