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Fortified with puncture-resisting technology and oil- and slip-resistant outsoles, our Mud Jumper collection for men features durable waterproof vulcanized rubber construction in your choice of low and high-profile styles.

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The Carolina Boot Collection has some impressive options for men. In addition, the Carolina Boot presents several out-of-this-world collections, one of which is the classy Mud Jumper collection for men.


The Insulated Mud Jumper is the most popular choice. It comes in varied sizes and widths. It is a unisex shoe and is a puncture-resistant boot made of rubber. It has a steel safety toe cap and is waterproof as well. The shoe is made of neoprene vulcanized rubber and has oil and slip-resistant properties.


It is typically suited for hunting and crafted for working people in rough environments. The shoe has a mesh lining and is waterproof to protect your feet from the water. It also retains the moisture of your feet within. The insole is suited to the puncture-resistant property. It is oil and slip-resistant as well.

The Mud Jumper is also an excellent buy for men looking for extra care and protection during working hours or while hunting. The footwear series is affordable, protective, and suits any job.