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The agility of a sneaker with the performance of a work boot. These durable, lightweight men's shoes are Built for Work™- crafted for superior comfort, flexibility and protection.

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This shoe collection from Carolina is one of the best on the market. The men's footwear collection Lytning 1.9 Series speaks for itself. The Lytning 1.9 series from Carolina Shoes offers you with the perfect blend of the performance of work boots with the agility of sneakers.


They are lightweight and durable and are especially good for working men. These shoes are highly protective, flexible, and built in a way to provide you with superior comfort in extreme conditions. It is slip resistant, and the underfoot cushioning is extra comfortable.

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The series includes around 13 items ranging from $46.28 for the cheapest to $144.99 for the most expensive one.


The popular variants include the Voltrex Comp Toe and the Lytning 1.9 Comp Toe, which are dark brown. It has a composite safety toe cap and mesh lining. The build is robust with neutral cocoa leather. Others are the Lytning 1.9 Met Comp Toe, Gust HI Aluminium Toe, Gust Lo Aluminium Toe, Windstorm Aluminium Toe, and Derecho Aluminium Toe. All of them are superior in quality and the best in display. They are affordable, classy, and designed with care to take extra care of your feet.