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Discover our men's lace-up boots and shoes - designed for enduring comfort, safety, and support. Perfect for any job, these durable boots are built to last. Experience the difference with every step.

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When it comes to grit, durability, and raw, unfiltered craftsmanship, Carolina stands tall, even in the face of the toughest challenges. Our motto, “Built For Work” states why we're here - to support you at every job with trusted work boots for men. We make boots for the craftsmen, the builders, and the doers. We craft each pair with a purpose, ensuring that no matter the job, there's a lace-up boot ready to take on the challenge, built for those who demand strength from the ground up.

Men's Lace Up Boots

Whether you're on the job site or navigating the demands of everyday life, you'll find our men's lace-up boots and shoes, where comfort and durability meet style. Lace-up boots offer a greater level of support than slip-on styles and provide a fit that feels custom-made, just for you. These aren't your average boots; they're made from premium materials like full-grain leathers and high-quality welts and soles. Each pair is built by hand, designed to meet the demands of any job. Our lace-up boots come loaded with technology and safety features that make them non-negotiable for any hardworking man. From cushioned insoles and supportive arches to slip-resistant soles, our lace-up styles offer unparalleled comfort and support throughout the day. They're built to last, incorporating electrical hazard protection, waterproof membranes, and slip and oil-resistant materials for a level of durability and protection as relentless as the men who wear them. Additionally, we offer a variety of safety toe options, including composite toe, steel toe, and soft toe, ensuring that you're equipped with the right protection.

Lace Up vs. Slip On Boots

We've got your back with top-tier work boots - lace-ups and slip-ons. Lace-up boots offer adjustable security readily equipped for whatever chaos comes your way. You can lace them tightly for a secure fit, affirming the grit and support needed for tough jobs. Slip-on boots offer unbeatable convenience, ditching the laces for a no-fuss boot. They're perfect for the hard workers who need to move quickly and efficiently throughout the day. Both styles boast Carolina's hallmarks of toughness, durability, and protection, arming you with the tools to conquer anything. Whether lacing up or slipping on, you'll always be ready for the challenge.