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Built with premium components, our vast line of high-quality men's footwear combines enduring comfort, support and durability for every type of job and work environment.

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Men's Footwear:

Footwear is referred to as feet garments that protect against temperature, ground texture, and other environmental adversities and help prevent injuries and ease locomotion. However, these are not the only purpose of footwear. High quality work footwear also offers comfort and protection to the feet in extreme weather conditions.

Footwear Types:

Carolina offers a variety of work footwear for all the hardworking men. The website has a fabulous collection of boots from domestic to loggers and from pull-on to safety toes. The Lytning 1.9 series is a masterpiece with the performance of a work boot paired with the agility of a sneaker. The MetGuards, Soft Toe, Light Duty, Matterhorn, and Corcoran are a must-try for all the working men.

Price Range:

The price varies based on the type; for instance, the Corcorans are around $240, whereas the Lytning 1.9 series averages around $130. So, based on the work conditions, the footwear needs to be carefully selected to deliver the much needed comfort and convenience.


Carolina shoes offers a wide range of boots that can help you take on even the most intimidating work conditions. These boots are both comfortable and sturdy delivering impeccable performance even when used for extended durations in tough working conditions.