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Proper support from the ground up. Our Align™ Technology is an innovative ergonomically designed orthotic that helps place the foot in a more optimum position to assist with proper alignment, which can help reduce fatigue and strain on muscles and joints.

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If you are looking for a shoe that supports your foot's alignment, you are in the right place. Carolina offers products that include our aligning technology that gives your feet the stability and support you need for any job.

Align Voltages:

The superior product is the Align Voltages, made of synthetic leather, olive night knit textile and also includes a mesh lining.The footwear system in it supports aligned features and offers a comfortable wearing experience.

Align Talux Comp Toe Oxford:

The align talux comp toe oxford is composed of black leather with a composite toe safety feature. It also has a mesh lining, and slip-resisting rubber on the outside.


Another favorite is the Flux, the men's aligned sneaker perfect for any job. The Flux align sneaker is the ultimate choice if you are looking for an essential aligned shoe with an unbeatable style.