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Tough all-condition boots with superior protection and performance for the coal, precious metal, mineral, oil and gas industries and beyond.

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When it comes to producing good quality boots that are not only good looking but are solid and convenient as well, which gives satisfactory results and keeps your feet safe and protected. Carolina boots stay ahead and succeed in all aspects, which makes a perfect boot.


Matterhorn boots are one of the finest creations by Carolina Shoes. They are the soul of the Carolina boots and are built keeping in mind the work requirements of miners worldwide. They are crafting safe products which are manufactured with advanced technologies. There are myriad options available for men and women both.

For those who work in harsh outdoor conditions, these are for them, which give them excellent friction while they move around all day.

Boot Style:

Matterhorn boots are built purposely for those working in the mining field, which is expanding exponentially. With this global expansion in the mining trade, the production of Matterhorn boots has also expanded. And has been in the service for decades, with the sole aim of manufacturing products that keep the workers and their feet safe, regardless of the landscape or working conditions. Copper Int Met is one of the best Matterhorn boots manufactured by the company. Their attractive designs are made with fine material and crafted with great techniques to match the customers' expectations.

Boot Function & Fit:

The fine leather exterior gives it a stunning look. These boots are sturdy and come with great durability. Perfect for your outdoor adventures, regardless of the landscapes, this will provide good friction to keep your balance. Other than that, its thick rubber sole makes it more reliable and suitable for your outdoor journeys.

Boot Features:

These boots are made of Brown Full Grain Leather, are waterproof, and keep your feet dry all day. The boots have a heel which is an Abrasion Resistance Leather. Its toe cap is thick and will protect the boot and feet from any damage while working. The boots are also tested against the electric current and are completely safe and shock resistant. The insoles are cushioned and removable, which gives enough room for the feet to move around. The outsoles are made with the best Carolina boots, Vibram® Big Horn Rubber which makes them stronger and long-lasting.