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A versatile, low-profile alternative to work boots, our women's slip-on styles give you easy-on, easy-off convenience with your choice of safety and performance features.

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Women's Footwear: Slip-on

If you are someone who doesn't like putting laces on their shoes, then slip-on shoes are the perfect pair of shoes for you. Slip-on shoes are a great choice for female workers who must put-on and remove their shoes frequently at work. Slip-on shoes not only offer convenience but also help save a lot of time every day. These slip-on shoes are prepared from best quality leather for a comfortable wear.


The slip-on shoes have non-metallic shanks, which make them light weighted and easy to wear. Even if you wear slip-on shoes for the whole day, you won't feel uncomfortable in them. They are extremely breathable and are prepared from materials like rubber, leather, and cloth.


You can select the type of slip-on shoes you require according to the comfort level desired at work. These shoes are great for female workers with wide feet as they are loose and don't require fitting. However, if you are looking for casual footwear that requires less effort and is more comfortable and durable, then you should try your hands on the slip-on shoes we provide.