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Women's Footwear: Hikers

If you must climb across rough terrains or walk for extended lengths during adverse conditions, then the hiker boots from Carolina are perfect for you. Carolina specially designs these boots to protect your feet when you are outdoors. In addition, hiker boots are considered the best option for providing comfort while walking long distances in wet terrain.


Hiker shoes are designed for outdoor workers to prevent blisters and sore feet. We provide you with the best-quality hiker boots if you are looking for durable and comfortable hiking shoes. The hikers are of different types, like trail shoes, specifically made for hiking in dry climates and less rugged and rocky paths. We attach crampons with these shoes, which give them a better grip on snowy paths. In addition, the upper part of hikers is designed to protect your foot and is water resistant. We also provide proper padding for the hikers to give you great comfort. The hikers also have screw collars to protect their ankles from chafing during hiking.


The other type of hikers is Trail Hikers, mainly for steeper and muddy inclined paths. These trail hikers provide more comfort, stability, and protection to your feet than other hikers. The last type of hikers is hiking boots or mountain walking. These hiking boots are mainly designed for walking on hills and mountaineering. These shoes contain deep lugged soles which are made of rubber to provide friction and avoid slipping.