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Designed with rugged outdoor conditions in mind, our women's loggers offer exceptional traction, stability and support.

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Women's Footwear: Loggers

Loggers are the perfect find if you are looking for some heavy shoes for outdoor work conditions, and Carolina offers the best quality of Logger boots in the market for women.


Logger boots are considered a perfect fit for workers who are constantly exposed to rugged and wet terrain. Logger boots are a special kind of shoe designed especially for workers or people performing any outdoor activity; considering these factors, Carolina has designed the shoes to increase the productivity of the wearers as well. These are both sturdy and comfortable to wear. If you want something strong and durable, these shoes are by far the best choice to make.


These shoes are heavy-duty boots that will keep your feet comfortable in harsh weather conditions. These are non-slippery shoes and are perfect for female workers engaged in the logging industry. Because of their shape, the logger boots are specifically designed to be worn in forestry, muddy, and uneven terrain. Although these shoes have heels, they are extremely comfortable on the feet. Loggers are waterproof and can be fully submerged in water without the fear of any damage, as the best material is sourced for the production of the same by Carolina.


Various loggers have laces that are perfect for ensuring a good fit. In addition, some logger boots are specifically made with premium leather. The leather used to make loggers are flexible, soft, and water-resistant.

The sole of logger boots is made to stand in harsh conditions without damage. They have high ankles and can be adjusted according to your preferences with the help of provided laces. In addition, a kiltie is provided on either side of the loggers, which are zippers that make these shoes easy to wear.