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Two workers walking in the snow wearing Carolina boots. Two workers walking in the snow wearing Carolina boots.

Carolina® Cares

Carolina is committed to giving back to local communities and those in need.

Meet Our partner


A group of volunteers standing in front of a the van.

Join us in supporting Harvest912, a rapidly expanding non-profit based in Pennsylvania with a new chapter in Tucson, Arizona. Harvest912 extends a helping hand to those facing adversity, including unhoused individuals and those who have fallen on hard times. Their mission is simple yet profound:

"Serving our neighbors in need with dignity and respect. Providing foot care, new shoes, and basic necessities."

Their mobile clinic outreach welcomes guests on board, where they receive comprehensive care - from foot cleaning and basic foot care by medical professionals to first aid, referrals, and fitting for new Carolina boots. Their Missing in Community (M.I.C.) program also focuses on serving homeless Veterans living outside of traditional shelter services.

Carolina boots, a Harvest912 backpack, a foot care packet and a bible on an American flag.

What sets Harvest912 apart is not only their dedication to humanitarian efforts but also their innovative approach to fundraising. They offer a unique line of 'Mad Cow ' hot sauces, with 100% of the profits contributing to their primary mission.

Established in the fall of 2020 by a husband-and-wife team, their journey was ignited by a moment of compassion. Inspired by their pastor, the couple helped someone on the street and experienced an immense sense of joy, leading them to launch Harvest912 just a week later. Their operation is fully volunteer based.

Carolina is proud to support Harvest912's mission and give back to those in need by supplying 100% of the footwear for both chapters. To learn more about Harvest912's mission to help the lives of those in need, please visit Harvest912.org.

"The Boot Lady" van. "The Boot Lady" van.

Changing Lives, One Sole at a time

Carolina is proud to support Harvest912 by providing 100% of the footwear for their mobile clinics and M.I.C. program.

A bottle of Carolina hot sauce with boots in the background.

Spice up your meals with purpose and flavor!

Introducing Carolina "Built for Burn" hot sauce—a fiery collaboration with Harvest912, our non-profit partner who provides new Carolina boots and essential footcare for those in need. Made with no preservatives and a balanced blend of primo peppers, this 5oz. bottle packs a punch of garlicky, citrusy flavor. Support our mission and exclusive partner, Harvest912 as they give back to the unhoused community with Built for Burn Hot Sauce.

Mobile Clinic

A man having his feet cared for by a volunteer.

Foot Care

At Harvest912's mobile clinic, guests receive compassionate foot care from dedicated medical professionals, ensuring not only the physical well-being of individuals in need but also fostering an environment of dignity and respect.

Volunteers sitting in the van with a stack of shoe boxes in the background.

New Shoes

We proudly contribute to Harvest 912's mission by providing new Carolina boots, ensuring that individuals facing hardships receive not only warmth and comfort but also a renewed sense of hope and well-being. Together, we make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

A volunteer washing someones feet.

Basic Necessities

Harvest912 goes beyond foot care, extending a helping hand to those in need by offering essential clothing, first aid, and referrals on their mobile clinic. Their commitment to providing basic necessities reflects a dedication to restoring self-esteem and well-being in the lives of individuals facing adversity.

Volunteers pulling Carolina boot boxes off shelves. Volunteers pulling Carolina boot boxes off shelves.

Missing In Community (M.I.C.)

Harvest912’s M.I.C. program partners with other local outreach organizations to provide Veterans with supplies they need most to improve their daily lives and the support they need to rebuild their futures.

Harvest912 & M.I.C.


“It’s meant alot less pain in my feet... being homeless, we’re on the street a lot. We pound the pavement and my feet are feeling better.”

- Tom M., Guest of Harvest912

A woman washing a man's feet.
Two women massaging people's feet.

“When I lost everything in the fire, you were there for me!”

- Shidina S., Guest of Harvest912

Support Harvest912's Mission