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The perfect companion to your Carolina boots, our high-quality socks for men offer feel-good features like extra cushioning and moisture-wicking properties.

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Socks make for a crucial item while wearing boots. They don't only look good but also make wearing shoes comfortable. But, of course, not every pair of socks goes with the perfect pair of shoes or boots. Hence, at Carolina, we have quite a range of socks.

Varieties & Features:

The Merino Wool Socks are quite suitable to wear in winter. Comfortable and tend to keep you warm. The perfect White Work socks and Logger Socks are quite a great choice if you are looking for some of the best white socks. The Matterhorn Gray Boot socks are one of the most preferred boot socks. With its cool max fibre technology that helps in moisture management, it makes it a great choice to go with. All the working men who love boots cherish these comfortable socks. As the range is pretty extensive, the set of Matterhorn tall black work socks is a great option. You can wear those to work everyday. The Blackwork Socks are pretty simple ones to go with. These are the classic choices of socks that one must have. It suits all types of working boots and work conditions.


These socks by all means are great, and there is no doubt that all available ones are enough for you to use for each and every occasion.

The best part about all these items is that they will be shipped in 1 to 2 business days, making them highly feasible for you to purchase.