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A versatile, low-profile alternative to work boots, our men's slip-on styles give you easy-on, easy-off convenience with your choice of safety and performance features.

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Men's Footwear: Slip-on

Slip-on footwear is probably one of the most sought-after working shoes, be it for men or for women, and for obvious reasons too - they are comfortable and easy to wear. Carolina provides one of the best slip-on collections.


These shoes are typically shorter, lower, and generally without laces. They are commonly used for day-to-day tasks at work sites. One point to be noted here is that they are low maintenance and are the easiest to slide onto and off the foot. Therefore, it's safe to say that these are your go-to shoes for daily chores at work. In addition, they relieve you of the fuss of laces or zips, which you can slide on and go off to work in no time to make your life much easier.


Talking about the different versions of slip-on shoes, several of them any type of shoe can have a slip-on version made out of it. For instance, a leather slip-on is available that is devoid of a moc toe, thus enabling them to be worn in a professional setting. Slip-on shoes are equipped with soft insoles and strong stitches to offer unmatched comfort in extreme locations and dangerous environments. Various versions of these shoes are available here at Carolina shoes, from which you can choose the design that meets your safety requirements the best and select your preferred size!