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Made from premium materials, our long-wearing replacement laces help to extend the life of your boots.

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The laces should not only match the color of the boots but also ensure that after tying, they offer a comfortable grip to the wearer. The length of the laces can be altered as per the preferences of the wearer to ensure that all the eyelets are covered and the knot is strong enough to withstand working in adverse weather or walking on rough terrains.

Features and Varieties:

At Carolina, you can get a variety of laces for all types of shoes and boots. The first and foremost is the boot laces which are preferred by people all over the world. Even though there could be times that these laces get challenging to find, you can get extensive variety on Carolina. These laces play a significant part in upgrading the boot and its wearability. The color for these boot laces is coffee/brown. Hence, they can go with brown boots easily.

Another popular option is Kevlar laces that can fit up to 8" boots in most cases. They look pretty basic and can pair with your daily wear boots. If you have relatively small boots, do not worry. There is the option of 63" Kevlar laces that are designed for the smaller boots. It is essential to have a spare set of laces with you to ensure that older ones can be replaced as and when necessary.