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Designed with rugged outdoor conditions in mind, our men's loggers offer exceptional traction, stability and support.

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If you are looking for suitable quality loggers for men, you have come to the right place! We, at Carolina, offer you just the finest quality of loggers that would surely give you a great experience even in adverse conditions.


Loggers are equipped with several different features, like protection from heavy impact and excessive compression. Moreover, loggers are also fitted with multi-directional outsoles, which help secure the footing whilst treading in rough or slippery conditions, thus, helping one avoid injury. However, what makes these shoes so unique is that they have that 'snug feel' thanks to the durable leather. Loggers from Carolina are the perfect fit for anyone working in the logging industry.


One of the many reasons loggers are a great choice is because they make for great working shoes for loggers. So if you are a professional or recreational logger, grab one as soon as possible! Apart from logging, they can also be used for other sectors like hiking and manufacturing because of their sturdiness and other safety features.


Talking about some of the types of loggers we offer in Men's footwear, they are the Elm Steel Toe, Poplar Comp Toe, which is also insulated, Spruce steel toe, Pitstop logger comp toe, Poplar, Poplar Comp Toe, Timber comp toe, Elm int steel toe, and Elm Steel Toe (also available in Insulated) amongst a few others.