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Resistant to heat and oil and extremely sturdy, Linesman shoes for men are a great pick for those who work in tough situations. Find an exclusive range of Linesman shoes for men at Carolina.

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Men's Footwear: Linesman

If you are someone who is looking to find suitable boots for a linesman, then don't worry because your search is now over - We at Carolina shoes offer you the best range of Men's linesman footwear to satisfy your boot needs.


Our boots are very carefully designed to help linesmen, pole climbers, and other workers in control and keep their feet safe while working on construction sites or other places of work. These boots are sometimes referred to as logger boots too. This is because these boots have higher 'logger' heels and laces that cover up the calves. Their soles are made of heavy and durable material, which suits them for heavy-duty work purposes - rough surfaces and when subjected to abrasion. These boots differ from the usual work boots in the way that these linesman boots have a higher arch than them because the midfoot mainly gets used while climbing. They also help keep the linesman's feet dry inside and out, thus keeping them in control.


Carolina linesman boots are designed to be super tall along with calves' lace-ups, thus creating a very protective and snug fit. The varieties we offer at Carolina shoes include the likes of Linesman 10 Comp Toe and Linesman 10. You can also choose different sizes for these shoes as per your shoe size.