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Tyler G

DIY Tyler

Hello, I am Tyler G and I like to Do-it-myself. You can accept that old adage, or like us, take the DIY mantra to the next level and fill your weekends and your home with fun projects, pride, and posterity.

Getting married and purchasing our own home soon after (aka: becoming mortgage holders) that was in need of many cosmetic changes brought us face to face with the expense of buying quality furniture and hiring out home maintenance, and the resulting disappointment when the craftsmanship of both proved to be lacking time after time. I always ended up suffering from the empty feeling in my wallet and grumbling loudly, “I could have done it better myself!” Our solution to these frustrations quickly turned into… DIY! And from there the idea of sharing our journey with you was born. This is our story of how we do the DIY life, and how we have turned my woodworking hobby into a purposeful money saving endeavor. We hope to provide you with inspiration and a little list of mistakes that you can avoid by letting me make them first.

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