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Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta


Jimmy DiResta is a New York based designer, artist and video producer.  He is a seasoned YouTube Maker whose projects are not limited by any material or technique.  He can also be found co-hosting weekly a podcast called “Making It” with co-hosts David Picciuto and Bob Clagett.

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Meet the Maker: Jimmy DiResta Part 1

We introduce to you Jimmy DiResta!

DiResta Carolina Tool Box

In this video I make an aluminum tool box using the TIG welding method. This is the very first time I made full project using the Tig method and of course I need practice. I left the welds as is as a moment in time for my personal learning and plan to practice and get better for future projects!

DiResta Carolina WhirlyGig

Watch Jimmy DiResta build an artistic WhirlyGig featuring a replica of "the" Jackman Works!

DiResta How to Press a Custom License Plate

In this video you watch Jimmy DiResta make a die stamp for a full size license plate. He uses 1" thick aluminum.