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To make finding your selection easier, we have created basic 'feature' icons that call your attention to the important components built into the shoes and boots throughout this website. Below is a key and explanation of each of these symbols.

Steel Toe:Footwear that meets or exceeds the ASTM Standards for compression and impact testing rating of I-75/C-75.

Composite Toe:A Non-Metallic Safety Toe for environments where steel is not appropriate. Reduced cold-transfer in cooler environments and meets the ASTM Standards for compression and impact testing rating of I-75/C-75.

Aluminum Toe:Weighs less than steel and meets the ASTM Standards for compression and impact testing rating of I-75/C-75.

Carbon Composite Fiber Toe:A Non-Metallic Safety Toe option. Carbon fiber weave reduces toe cap weight while maintaining strength to meet the ASTM Standards for compression and impact testing rating of I-75/C-75.

Metatarsal:Internal Metguards provide flexible protection and increased comfort. Select Carolina styles are also available with an external Metguard.

Pillow Cushion 2:Footwear cushioning designed to provide maximum anatomical support and comfort with an internal polyurethane midsole that cradles a dual density memory foam footbed.

ESD:Electrostatic Dissipative footwear absorbs and neutralizes loose electrons, sending charges into the floor.

Electrical Hazard:Footwear tested by an independent lab that can withstand applications of 14,000 volts at 60hz for one minute without leakage.

Slip Resisting:Soles designed and constructed with materials to provide maximum resistency on slippery conditions.

Insulated:Footwear that provides varying levels of protection against the cold depending on the amount of insulating fabric used.

SCUBALINER™:Carolina’s Exclusive Proprietary Waterproof Lining System.

Made in USA:Footwear Made in USA at our Martinsburg, PA facility, from fine components sourced worldwide.

We pride ourselves on using the best and most innovative technologies and materials in the construction of our work boots. Below and on the adjacent page are the explanations of the technologies currently used in making Carolina shoes and boots.

Pillow Cushion™:A thick layer of memory foam that wraps the foot in comfort. Combined with existing insole systems, it offers the ultimate in cushioned comfort.

Thinsulate™:Insulation uses microfibers that trap dead air but do not absorb water, helping to keep feet warm even in damp conditions. Thinsulate™ is a trademark of 3M.

Cambrelle®:A textured, rugged fabric lining with good moisture wicking capabilities.

DRi-LEX®:A soft nylon lining with excellent moisture wicking capabilities that is long-wearing and breathable.

Vibram®:The Vibram® brand is recognized for its high performance soling products used in rugged, outdoor and service footwear. VIBRAM® and the Yellow Octagonal Label are registered trademarks of Vibram®S.p.A. of Italy. Quabaug Corporation, North Brookfield, MA, is the North American manufacturer of Vibram® soling products under exclusive license.

GoreTex®:A separate waterproof bootie that fits inside the boot that keeps water and wind out, while letting the foot breathe.

AeroTrek™:A clog-free outsole design that compliments Carolina’s slip resisting line.

AG7™:Supreme quality polyurethane comfort system with enhanced arch support and patented moisture management system built right in!

Maxum Lite:A lightweight, flexible, yet durable outsole manufactured by the Meramac Corporation that provides both oil and slip resistency.

AeroGrip™:A revolutionary new outsole patented pattern designed by Carolina. All AeroGrip product meets the new international standards for slip resisting footwear.


Ortholite®:Carolina partners with industry leader Ortholite to create a Multi-Density Molded Footbed new standard in footwear comfort using their open-cell foam technology to develop a multi-density footbed with long-lasting cushioning, breathability, moisture management and antimicrobial function.